• How about study abroad?

    Most students go abroad in their Junior year. We offer study abroad programs in Paris, Nantes, Rabat (Morocco), among others.

    For more information on go to CUAbroad: Study Abroad or talk to Dr. Cybèle Arnaud.

French Major

  • What can I do with a degree in French?

    There are many options, including international business, international law, NGOs (non-governmental organizations such as Oxfam), federal employment (the State Department, Homeland Security, etc.), translation, teaching and the travel industry.

  • What degree is offered?

    We offer a major in French and Francophone studies.

  • How many courses are required for a French major?


  • Whom do I speak to for more information?

    Talk to Dr. Cybèle Arnaud

French Minor

  • How many courses are required for a French minor?

    Six: Two core courses, 203 and 204, and four electives at the 200-400-level.

  • What course should I take now?

    Take 203 and 204 first (and perhaps 205 French Conversation at the same time). Then you have a variety of choices. Many students take 300 (Thinking Critically: Literature, Film and Media in the French-speaking World) and 301 (Society and Culture in the French-speaking World). We offer a variety of other courses such as French for Business, Translation, and courses in English relating to science, politics, immigration, etc.