A Statement from Modern Languages & Literatures

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures thanks our Catholic U alumni and @BlackatCUA for sharing their experiences. We recognize the pain associated with these experiences and the ways that such macro and microaggressions diminish the personhood of those involved, negatively impact their academic development, and hinder their participation in the campus community. At the same time, we see the stories shared by students as a call to action to bring about the onset of the transformation of our campus so that it more fully embodies the "beloved community" we are commanded to cultivate by God. As a department, our mission is to foster respect for, and open exchange among, cultures and communities not only across the world, but also within and around our campus.

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Cultural encounters and intercultural dialogue are at the center of our scholarship and teaching.

Knowledge of languages and cultures is a competitive edge in the increasingly globalized and complex workplace of the 21st century. By studying literary and cultural values, both past and present, our students gain important insights that prepare them to confront the intellectual, social, and political challenges of the future.