We invite you to learn more about the accomplishments and careers of our wonderful Modern Languages and Literatures alumni: their continued graduate studies, their career success, and their impact on the world around them through service.
  • Yousif Kalian & Katie Sharma

    Yousif Kalian & Katie Sharma, class of 2016

    Yousif and Katie graduated in 2016 with World Politics degrees. Yousif currently works at the Washington Institute for Near East policy and Katie recently received her Master’s in International Affairs at CUA.

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  • Johanna Cajina Photograph

    Johanna Cajina, class of 2015

    Johanna Cajina graduated in 2015 with a double major in Hispanic Studies and Politics, and is currently the Associate Director at FrancisCorps, a volunteer agency in Costa Rica.

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  • Maggie McCabe, class of 2016

    Maggie McCabe graduated with a Spanish for Healthcare Certificate and an experience abroad in Nicaragua. She is now a nurse working in Philadelphia.

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  • Robert Sylvester Photograph

    Robert Sylvester, class of 2015

    Robert Sylvester graduated in 2015 with a degree in Political Science, but studied Chinese throughout his time at CUA. He is currently a Regional Director at Empower Illinois, an educational non-profit. Click here to learn more about Robert and his experience with Mandarin Chinese.   

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  • Kevin Holm Photograph

    Kevin Holm, class of 2017

    Kevin Holm graduated in 2017 with a German and Hispanic Studies major and is currently pursuing a German Studies Master’s Degree at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Click here to learn more about Kevin’s story.

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