When taking any placement test, please note that a fee of $82 per test will be billed to your Student Account. In order to enroll in undergraduate 101-104 language classes at Catholic University, you must first be placed in a level that is appropriate for you given your previous language experience and ability. If you have 0-1 year of prior experience with the language, you begin in 101. If you have 2 or more years of experience, you must be placed according to one of the following:

If you took the SAT II Language test or the AP or IB exam and had your score sent to Catholic University, the Dean's office will notify you of your placement as soon as the test results are received.

The Placement Tests in French, German, Italian, and Spanish are available online. 

  • Do not take the placement test more than once, unless instructed to do so. Taking it more than once will only incur other charges and does not change your placement.
  • Placement expires in one calendar year from the date of the test. 
  • If you have never taken Spanish or French and wish to sign up for 101, please contact arguetaf@cua.edu

For all Catholic University's placement tests, you will receive an email stating your official placement. You should register in the course indicated in this email. If you do not get this information within a week of taking the test, please call the Dept. of Modern Languages (202.319.5240).

For all Enrollment Fees please visit: Enrollment Services Costs


It is a good idea to review prior to taking the test. Looking over your high school textbooks or a review grammar will help ensure that some rustiness with the language doesn't set you back unduly. We want your language class to be challenging (but not too challenging), so you'll have the opportunity to put your language to work as soon as possible in internships, study abroad or any of the thousands of international and cultural events and venues available to you in the D.C. area.

  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions about the foreign language placement test.

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  • Placement Test

    Catholic University offers an Online Placement Test for FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH, and ITALIAN.

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  • Placement for Spanish Heritage Speakers

    If you are a Spanish Heritage Speaker student, contact the Placement Coordinator, Dr. Stoyneva at stoyneva@cua.edu.

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