B.A. in Global Studies

The Major in Global Studies is an Interdisciplinary pre-professional career-oriented program designed for students preparing for careers in government, private agencies, or business. The Global Studies major will meet the demands of students who wish to obtain language skills that will serve them well in the workplace, to gain cultural competence in one or more regions of the world, and to acquire the expertise to address one or more global issues through the lens of Catholic social teaching.

Students interested in the Global Studies major should contact the academic advisor, Dr. Cybele
Arnaud (arnaud@cua.edu) to devise a study plan.


The Global Studies major consists of 11 courses:
  • The core class (GS 101)

  • 2 intermediate language courses (103 & 104) in languages including: 
    • Arabic
    • Chinese
    • French
    • German
    • Irish
    • Italian
    • Spanish (107 & 108 or 110 & 111 can be substituted to 103 & 104)

      Students who place out of 103 will enroll in one elective course, while students who place out of 104 will enroll in two elective courses. Students may also opt to use their electives to learn another language.

  • 1 practical language skills/cultural competence course such as:
    • ANTH 101 - Cultures in a Global Society
    • CHN 240 - Global Business Communication & Cultures
    • GER 500 - Reading for Comprehension
    • SPAN 207 - Advanced Spanish for HealthCare I
    • SPAN 402 - Translation in International Affairs

      This is just a short sample of courses offered. Contact the undergraduate Advisor for additional options which may better suit your interests.

  • 3 regional focus courses on one of the following regions:
    • Africa
    • Asia
    • Europe
    • The Middle East
    • The Americas
    • Multiregional

  • 2 global issues courses. Global issues can include but are not limited to:
    • Communication, media & the arts,
    • Diplomacy, global economy & trade,
    • Ecology, sustainability & the natural world,
    • Health & equity,
    • Migration, communities & global citizenship,
    • Peace & conflict resolution,
    • Science & technology,
    • Society, leisure & work

  • 1 internship (GS 495 or SAS 495)
    Students expand their experiential learning and professional development by interning at an organization whose mission centers on global issues and global service. Students will work with the Global Studies advisor and the School of Arts and Sciences to identify internship opportunities.

  • 1 senior capstone project (GS 489)
    Students will finish their major by completing a senior capstone project, designed in conjunction with their major advisor, in which they conduct significant research into a global issue in their region or global community of focus.

** Students can count up to two courses towards their Liberal Arts Curriculum requirements.
** Students can double-count up to two courses with another major or minor.

Study Abroad

Global Studies Majors are strongly encouraged to spend a semester studying abroad. The Global Studies advisor will work with the Study Abroad office to ensure students sign up for courses that can meet requirements for the major.