• Colonial and Postcolonial Spanish America
  • Modern and Contemporary Spanish America
  • Modern and Contemporary Peninsular

Course Requirements

Our M.A. students complete 30 credits, or 10 courses, during their M.A. coursework:

  • ML 521 Principles and Practice of Second Language Teaching (mandatory for Graduate Fellows)
  • ML 531 Theory and Criticism
  • 2 courses in each of the three areas
  • 2 free elective courses*

*This is subject to modification depending on course offerings and in consultation with the DGS; one of the electives may be taken in a different department at CUA.

Directed Reading Courses

The department offers directed reading courses to accommodate the needs of individual students under special circumstances.

Transferring Credits

Six semester hours of graduate work earned at another accredited institution within the past 10 years in which a student received grades of B or above, may be applied toward course requirements for the M.A. degree. This credit transfer must be recommended by the Director of Graduate Studies and the Department Chair, and approved by the Academic Dean.

Consortium Classes

The Director of Graduate Studies may recommend classes in the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. For information on member institutions see:

A student may take a consortium course only for credit and must have the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies, Chair, Dean and consortium coordinator.