This program is designed for students who have a strong interest in Italian culture. The courses in the minor give students a wide knowledge of Italian literary and cultural phenomena. The Italian Studies minor excellently compliments students majoring in Art History, Politics, History, Media and Communication Studies, International Business, and many other disciplines. The minor in Italian Studies also pairs well with courses in the Certificate Program in European Studies.



The minor in Italian Studies starts with the courses in the intermediate language sequence (ITAL 103 and ITAL 104). An additional 4 courses complete the degree. All students in the minor take ITAL 203 and an additional 3 elective courses in literature, film, and culture. Students should consult the advisor in Italian Studies concerning combinations of courses that best suit their academic needs. The three electives can be taken at Catholic University, or during semester study abroad.



Italian Studies Advisor: Prof. Valeria Garino