Study Abroad in Chile

Come explore the language and culture of Chile. Your journey begins in Valparaíso, a city on the sea, and includes excursions to Santiago and Isla Negra. The country and its people act as a living classroom where no matter your level of Spanish, you will find yourself enriched by the language and vibrancy all around you.

Students on this program enroll in two courses for a total of 6 credits. For language credit, students should select the appropriate pair of courses at their level:

  1. Equivalent to CUA's SPAN 112:
    • PIIE 1145: Grammar, Beginner Level
    • PIIE 1245: Chilean Culture & Conversation, Beginner Level
  2. Equivalent to CUA's SPAN 113:
    • PIIE 2145: Grammar, Intermediate Level
    • PIIE 2245: Chilean Culture & Conversation, Intermediate Level
  3. Equivalent to CUA's SPAN 203-204:
    • PIIE 3145: Grammar, Advanced Level
    • PIIE 3245: Chilean Culture & Conversation, Advanced Level

Alternatively, students who have already completed SPAN 204 may select two area studies courses taught in Spanish. These may transfer back to Catholic University as 300-level language electives, or as an elective in the appropriate department (for example, History or English/Literature). All course equivalencies are confirmed by the Transfer Credit Coordinator during the application process. Area studies courses course offerings can be viewed here.

Session 1: May 21 - June 22, 2019
6 credits