Admissions to the MA/Ph.D. programs are suspended for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Candidates for admission to the master and doctoral programs in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures offered by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures are invited to contact the department.

Application Process

All graduate applicants should:

  • Complete and submit the standard graduate application form along with application fee. 
  • Submit the following documentation:
    • An official transcript of all undergraduate or higher courses. (In order to expedite the processing and evaluation of admissions, unofficial transcripts may be submitted. However, final, official transcripts and documentation of degree conferral are expected to be submitted as soon as possible.)
  • Ph.D. applicants - The normal preparation for the doctoral program is an M.A or M.Phil. in Spanish Language, Literature, or Hispanic Studies. Students with different backgrounds are encouraged to contact the department to see if they qualify for admission.

    • 3 confidential letters of recommendation
    • A statement of purpose indicating research interests
    • A 20-25 page academic writing sample in Spanish
  •  M.A. applicants - The normal preparation for graduate work in Spanish is a B.A. degree in the language. Students without such a degree are encouraged to contact the department to see if their academic background qualifies them for admission. International students with undergraduate degrees in fields such as Literature, Cultural Studies, Philology, Linguistics, Humanities and Social Sciences and who are proficient in Spanish are encouraged to apply.

    • 2 confidential letters of recommendation
    • A statement of purpose
    • An academic writing sample in Spanish 
  • The department may schedule interviews to complete the application process.

Submitting Test Scores

GRE or other test scores must be sent directly to the Catholic University Office of Graduate Admission from the testing service. Do not attach to the online application.

GRE scores are required for all U.S. applicants. International students whose native language is not English may present TOEFL or IELTS scores. GRE scores are required of international students who have obtained B.A. or M.A. degrees in English-speaking countries. 

Catholic University's test code for the GRE and TOEFL is 5104

International Applicants

Attach original copies in the native language and translated forms of the following:

  • Grade reports
  • Certificates
  • Transcripts

English Proficiency, Proof of Funding
Both English proficiency and proof of funding documents must be presented to the Office of Graduate Admission either by postal mail or in person. These documents will not be accepted through the online application.