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    Charmaine McMahon earned her Ph.D in Romance Languages from the Catholic University of America in 2002 and is currently a Clinical Associate Professor of Spanish. In her role as Director of the Undergraduate Spanish Program she serves as academic adviser to the Spanish for International Service and Hispanic Studies majors and minors as well as advising students studying abroad in Spanish speaking countries. She currently serves as Chair of the departmental Alumni Association and Chair of the Undergraduate Academic Dishonesty Appeals Committee. Over the past twenty years, she has served as the Spanish Placement Coordinator and Undergraduate Language Coordinator and has chaired several departmental committees. She recently earned a post-doctorate Master’s degree from the University of Granada, Spain in Teaching the Spanish Languages and its Cultures.

    She has developed and taught courses on the Habsburg Dynasty in Spain, the Spanish Picaresque novel and Spain through Art, Music and Literature. She is an active member of various academic organizations and regularly presents at language and literature conferences on topics such as teaching Spanish as a second language and XVI-XVII Century Spanish literature. Her son recently joined her as an alumna of the Catholic University of America after graduating with a degree in Politics and continuing on as a graduate student in the Masters of Science for Business Analysis program. Outside of professional interests, she travels widely in Spain, enjoys accompanying her husband on business trips throughout Europe, reads, and enjoys living in Alexandria, VA with her family and two dogs.