• Knights of Columbus Fellowship and Board of Trustees Full-Tuition Scholarship

    The most qualified applicants to a doctoral program whose application is complete by February 1 may be nominated for the University-wide competition for the Knights of Columbus Fellowship and the prestigious Board of Trustees full-tuition scholarship.

    The strongest applicants (high G.P.A., cumulative verbal and quantitative G.R.E. of at least 312 or equivalent) may be considered for a full-tuition scholarship.

    Students receiving merit funding must be enrolled in their degree program continuously and full-time.

  • Teaching Fellowships

    ***(At this point, Teaching Fellowships are unavailable for the 2021-2022 Academic Year)***

    The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures attaches great importance to the personal nurturing of its students throughout their graduate programs, in the form of individual advising, professional encouragement, and financial support.

    A limited number of Teaching Fellowships are available for the Spanish M.A. and Ph.D programs on a competitive basis. These include waiver of tuition and an annual stipend of $15,000/$18,000. Graduate Fellows take a course on Principles and Practice of Second Language Teaching and have the opportunity to develop their mastery of the art of teaching under the supervision of faculty skilled in second language acquisition.

  • Catholic School Teachers' Tuition Waiver

    Waivers of one half of the student's tuition are available to full-time teachers, administrators, librarians and guidance counselors employed by a Catholic elementary or secondary school. Please have your employer provide a letter certifying your full-time employment status on school letterhead to the Office of Enrollment Services (cua-enrollmentservices@cua.edu).