The German Club is very active and has a lot of fun! Around 50 members participate in club activities, such as the “Fall of the Wall” party and our annual successful Grillfest. German Club hosts a conversational coffee hour, Kaffeestunde, film nights, often with pizza! Other activities include attending German Mass, trips to the “Film Neu” film festival, presentations at the Goethe Institut and the embassies. We also play in the annual CUA World Cup.

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  • Grillfest
  • Film Series / Film Neu Film Festival at the E Street Cinema.
  • Kaffeestunde / Conversation Table held weekly throughout the semester. Check out the calendar at The Nest for upcoming Kaffeestunden.
  • Academic Lectures: Peter Beyer: German Parliament Member, Crisafulli lecture by Prof. Jill Smith, Goethe Institut.
  • Mardi Gras with French, Italian, and Spanish Clubs
  • Soccer World Cup in partnership with Spanish Club, French Club, Italian Club, Arabic Club, and Chinese Club
  • Immersion Weekend with neighboring Universities and Colleges
  • Visited the German, Austrian, and Swiss Embassies for special cultural events.
  • Visit local museums, such as the German-American Heritage Museum, and the Newseum to see segments of the Berlin Wall
Do Deutsch logo

Do Deutsch

We were selected from universities all across the nation to be a Do Deutsch! campus in partnership with the German Information Center, a branch of the German Embassy. We learned the art of graffiti from the German artist Scotty76. held a karaoke event with German pop and rock music, and attended concerts of German composers and artists at venues such as the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Other Events

Weekly Kaffeestunde

German Club meets weekly at Starbucks in the Pryz to drink coffee and speak German! Speakers of all levels welcome. Check for the most up-to-date time.

Cultural Events and Happenings

We visit local embassies and museums to experience German-speaking cultures first-hand in Washington. Below we’re at the Döner Bistro enjoying German-Turkish food. Also check our cultural immersion activities for the chance to experience an interactive event in German.


German Club is committed to helping our local community both on and off-campus. We have taught children soccer and read Grimms’ fairy tales, raised money to fight cancer through the campus Relay for Life event, and below we are helping the recycling program at the National Cherry Blossom Festival.