Delta Phi Alpha, the national German Honor Society, seeks to recognize excellence in the study of German and to provide an incentive for higher scholarship. The Society aims to promote the study of the German language, literature and civilization and endeavors to emphasize those aspects of German life and culture which are of universal value and which contribute to man's eternal search for peace and truth.

Since its founding in 2012, Catholic University’s Sigma Chi chapter of Delta Phi Alpha celebrates outstanding scholarly achievements of students enrolled in our German Studies program.

The chapter advisor recommends students for membership based on the following criteria: 
  • A minimum of two years of university German or their equivalent
  • A minimum average of B+ (3.3 GPA) in German courses
  • A minimum cumulative average of B- (2.7 GPA)
  • Indication of continued interest in the study of German language and culture 
Students are invited to submit their credentials for membership through this form.

See the Delta Phi Alpha website for more information and to learn about scholarships available to its members.

Induction ceremonies