Admissions for this program have been suspended.

The Minor in French and Francophone Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the French-speaking world. It is designed to provide students with a solid background in the cultural history of France and the Francophone countries. Students are encouraged to supplement their studies with courses dealing with the Francophone world in areas such as Anthropology, Art, Drama, History, Media and Communication Studies, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, and Sociology.The French minor combines particularly well with courses in the Certificate Program in European Studies.


The minor in French and Francophone Studies starts with the the intermediate language courses (FREN103, FREN104). An additional 4 courses complete the degree.

All students in the minor take FREN 203 and FREN 204. One of the remaining 2 elective courses can be at the 200-level and a maximum of 2 courses can be taught in English.

Students should consult with the French Academic Advisor to identify combinations of courses that best suit their needs and interests. With the instructor’s permission, native speakers of French are welcome to enroll in upper-level literature and culture courses, however FREN 330 and 200-level courses taught in French are reserved for non-native French speakers only.


French Academic advisor: Dr. Cybèle Arnaud