The minor in Hispanic Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Spanish-speaking world. It is designed to provide students with a solid background in the cultural history of Latin America, Spain and the Hispanic and Latino communities in the United States. Students are encouraged to supplement their studies with courses dealing with the Spanish-speaking world in areas such as Anthropology, Art, Drama, History, Media and Communication Studies, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, and Theology and Religious Studies. The Hispanic Studies minor pairs well with courses in both the Certificate Program in European Studies and the Certificate Program in Latin American and Latino Studies.


The minor in Hispanic Studies starts with the last course in the intermediate language sequence (SPAN 104, SPAN 111 or 3 credits from SPAN 113). An additional 5 courses complete the degree. All students in the minor take two advanced language courses (see the list below) and 3 elective courses, 2 of which can be taught in English. In consultation with the Spanish advisor, you should select from the following course sequence unless placed at a higher level by our Placement coordinator:
  • SPAN 203 Love, Power, and Death in Literature and Film & SPAN 204 Family, Gender and Morality through Spanish Film and Literature (SPAN 203 & 204 can be taken in any order)
  • SPAN 210-211 Spanish for Heritage Speakers I &  II
  • SPAN 207-208 Advanced Spanish for Health Care I & II
The Spanish advisor can assist in the selection of courses and also help heritage speakers planning a minor in Hispanic Studies to arrange a sequence of courses adapted to their needs.


Spanish academic advisor: Dr. Mcmahon